Thorsten Lockert
108 Towne Terrace
Los Gatos, CA 95032-7353
P: (408) 533-1012

Technical Knowledge

Specific Expertise


Career History

CTODoctorCom, Inc., Redwood City, CA
Feb. 2013 to Apr. 2014

  • Manage infrastructure on AWS
    • User-facing Web Services
    • MySQL Databases
    • REST services
  • Manage software development team
    • Django-based web application
    • Android application
  • Maintain and extend iOS application

Software Development & System Administration ManagerTzec Maun Foundation, Palo Alto, CA
May 2010 to current

  • Develop and manage the overall software development plan
  • Programming and/or supervision of programming related to the one meter scope, web sites, small scopes, Linux and Mac servers, and any other software-driven projects
  • Install and maintain observatory data center
  • Provide optimization for key database and programming projects
  • Develop strategic plan for hardware and software
  • Develop back-end and middleware for key services, such as online astrometry, chart servers, image processing, etc.
  • Manage process of observatory automation

Sr. System AdministratorMakena Technologies, Inc., Redwood City, CA
Oct. 2009 to Apr. 2010

    • Maintain cluster
  • Corporate
    • Plan and execute corporate e-mail transition to Google Apps

CEOVoop USA, Inc., Los Gatos, CA
Jan. 2007 to Sep. 2009

  • Build security solutions
    • Implemented a security product "Net/X"
    • Implemented a security product "Amber"
  • Set up complete office infrastructure
    • Set up VMware Infrastructure server
    • Set up CentOS and OpenBSD build environments
    • Set up Asterisk-based office PBX

Vice President, R&D,
Chairman of the BoardVoop AS, Bergen, Norway
Aug. 2003 to Dec. 2006

  • Build VoIP solution
    • Evaluated Open Source and proprietary VoIP solutions
    • Set up a backbone switching network based on Asterisk PBX and SIP Express Router
    • Maintain production-class builds of Asterisk, SIP Express Router and other software for Fedora Core and CentOS
  • Set up production sites
    • Build flashable images for redundant firewalls based on OpenBSD
    • Build Fedora Core-based back-end systems to run Asterisk PBX and MySQL RDBMS
    • Build CentOS-based back-end systems to run Asterisk PBX and MySQL RDBMS
  • Design and implement new solutions
    • Designed and prototyped security product Net/X

SabatticalBlue Moon Adventures, LLC, Houston, Texas
Apr. 2003 to Jul. 2003

Principal ConsultanteBay Inc., San Jose, CA
Aug. 2001 to Mar. 2002

  • Member of Site Services group
    • Evaluated Application Server platforms
    • Implemented a scalable search solution tailored for auctions

Principal ConsultanteBay Inc., San Jose, CA
Aug. 1999 to Jul. 2001

  • Member of Architecture R&D group
    • Recommend scalable solutions for continued growth
    • Evaluate HP and IBM S/390-based solutions
    • Moved batch jobs from an Oracle / Solaris environment to DB2 on S/390 as proof of concept
    • Moved web application from ISAPI on NT to an Apache module on Unix as proof of concept

Principal ConsultanteBay Inc., San Jose, CA
Dec. 1998 to Jul. 1999

  • Manage network group
    • Hire and train network administration staff
    • Implement multiple redundant DS3 and OC3 connections
    • Set up full BGP routing with Internet Service Providers
  • Support systems administrations staff
    • Evaluate and recommend front-end caching solutions
    • Evaluate and recommend alternate load balancing solution
    • Support upgrade of database backend system from E6500 to E10000
    • Plan storage solution that lends itself to scalability and easy replication
  • Manage growth
    • Plan system capacity to handle 30% month-to-month sustained growth
    • Install additional E10000 systems
    • Provide support for creating failover solutions

Principal Systems AdministratoreBay Inc., San Jose, CA
Jun. 1998 to Nov. 1998

  • Administer network
    • Manage multiple connections to various service providers
    • Set up BGP routing and load balancing
    • Configure redundant switches and routers using Cisco HSRP
  • Maintain backend servers
    • Migrate high-volume mail systems to qmail on Solaris servers
    • Upgrade database server from Sun E4500 to E6500
    • Design storage and backup solution to accomodate growth
  • Maintain frontend servers
    • Oversee growth of NT based front-end servers
    • Test alternate load balancing solutions
    • Evaluate other web servers
    • Install E10000 system for search functionality

Sr. System AdministratoreBay Inc., San Jose, CA
Aug. 1997 to May 1998

  • Administer local network
    • Set up and maintain Microsoft Proxy Server for firewall and proxy
    • Set up and administer Microsoft Exchange server for corporate and Internet Mail
  • Administer public database and WWW servers
    • Install and secure Solaris 2.x Enterprise servers with Oracle 7 Server
    • Install and secure Windows NT 4.0 Servers with Microsoft IIS 3.0 and 4.0

Director, Network Operations — TAL Wireless Networks, Sunnyvale, CA
Aug. 1994 to Jul. 1997

  • Administer local network
    • Setting up and configuring Cisco and Livingston routers on leased and Frame Relay T1 and 56K circuits
    • Evaluating and installing new software and hardware
    • Manage SunOS 4 and Solaris 2.3 systems
    • Set up CAP for Macintosh services on local network
    • Set up SAMBA for Windows for Workgroups and Windows 95 services on local network
    • Evaluate commercial and free SNMP packages
    • Set up and manage Windows NT and Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Install BSD/OS, NetBSD and OpenBSD systems for use as firewalls, mail, FTP and WWW servers
  • Administer TCP/IP-based radio network
    • Configure and set up networking software on radio routers
    • Performance testing of radio network
    • Network management using SNMPc, HP OpenView, tkined/scotty and other software
  • Software engineering
    • Develop SNMP utilities to manage network routers
    • Maintain and extend SNMP Agent for wireless routers
    • Develop benchmark utilities for testing of wireless routers
    • Validate software builds on wireless routers
    • MS-DOS device driver to redirect console input and output to a serial port, fully interrupt driven

Systems ConsultantBergen By Byte as, Bergen, Norway
Oct. 1989 to Feb. 1994

  • Administer and maintain mixed protocol network environment serving approximately 2500 users
    • Assigning accounts and instructing in use of network
    • Evaluating and installing new software/hardware
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • Managing nameserver for two domains on the Internet
    • Assigning addresses in TCP/IP and DECnet address space
    • Setting up and maintaining PathWORKS for DOS and for Mac on both VAX and Ultrix platforms
    • Setting up and maintaining DEC P.S.I. on VAX and DECstation
    • Setting up and maintaining news and email both on Ultrix, VAX/VMS and the conferencing system
    • Network, zone and administrative contact for BBB.NO and SigmaSoft.COM domains
    • Configuring TCP/IP using MultiNet and UCX on VAXen
    • Configuring routing and protocol options on Cisco IGS gateways
    • System administration on DECstations and VAXen running Ultrix and VMS
  • Software porting and development
    • Porting earlier developed conferencing system (BBB/CS) to run under Ultrix 4.x. Most of the work stemmed from switching to using News for message storage and forwarding. Internal databases are handled with the c-tree product from FairCom, Inc.
    • Wrote an X.29 PAD for Ultrix to communicate with DEC P.S.I. for handling incoming X.25/X.29 calls to the system
    • Application on Ultrix to query a VAX/Rdb database for environmental information using SQL, developed in cooperation with the university in Bergen
    • Specialized application querying the same database and communicating with a Windows application developed in-house for querying the database from remote sites over modem and X.25 links
    • Document retrieval system for use on oil drilling rigs in the North Sea, using WordPerfect documents and TIFF images
  • Consulting
    • Programming help with laboratory software written in C for use at the local university hospital lab to register, tag and bill samples sent to the lab from departments and other medical institutions
    • Installation and maintenance of SCO Unix systems in networked environments including salary systems at the Norwegian School of Business and Economics and a system to run the laboratory software mentioned above
    • Teaching Unix system administration on SCO Unix systems
    • Installing and configuring Gopher and WWW servers under AU/X for IATAFI, a UN sponsored organization

Systems ConsultantSigmaSoft, Th. Lockert (self employed)
Aug. 1988 to Sep. 1989

  • Software development
    • Simple multi-user adventure game running on a QNX system
    • Misc. MS Windows programs
    • Database system for registration of car alarm systems installed at service garages
  • Consulting

Systems ConsultantBergen By Byte as, Bergen, Norway
Aug. 1987 to Jul. 1988

  • Software development
    • Designed and implemented a conferencing system running under QNX. The system has since then been sold to two sites in Germany as well as schools and universities in Norway
    • Debugged X.25 communication software (not developed in-house) in use on the same QNX system

Consultant — Bruktbilforum as, Vikedal, Norway
Feb. 1987 to Jul. 1987

  • Software development
    • Designed and implemented a ZIM database application for accepting, registering and sending advertisements to a typesetter, ready to print in newspapers

ConsultantSigmaSoft, Th. Lockert (self employed)
Dec. 1986 to Jan. 1987

  • Contract work
    • Designed and implemented a simple bulletin board system for multi-user access on IBM PC-compatibles

Teacher — Royal Norwegian Navy, Bergen, Norway (compulsory service)
Aug. 1986 to Nov. 1986

  • Teaching position at the naval base in Bergen
    • Taught administrative routines to naval officers
    • Gave computer lessons to naval officers on how to use internal naval systems

Programmer — Royal Norwegian Navy, Tromsø, Norway (compulsory service)
Oct. 1985 to Jul. 1986

  • Software development
    • Designed and implemented software for keeping track of supplies to be delivered to naval vessels using Turbo Pascal on CP/M 80

Programmer — ADB Consult as, Bergen, Norway
Feb. 1982 to Sep. 1985

  • Software development and maintenance
    • Maintained accounting software written in Commodore BASIC and 6502 assembly running on Commodore PET machines
    • Design and implementation of software for registering orders, integration with above accounting system
    • Maintained salary software written in Commodore BASIC and 6502 assembly running on Commodore PET machines

Other Activities

Mar. 1993 to Jul. 2006